AospExtended rom redmi 4x | santoni rom | redmi 4x rom [unofficial]
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Hi, Santoni user I am your friend from Ghost team, as you know we are working hard on our device Rom redmi 4x aka Santoni. A few days ago as I remember everyone including me also happy with our N based rom and not thinking about 8.0 or 8.1.o thanks to Team GHOST developers who make this possible for all. I am happy to present to you.

AospExtended rom redmi 4x | santoni rom | redmi 4x rom

worldgiz aex rom oreo

we are going to release approximately bugless oreo soon we will try to bring up most famous Roms for our device asap but we have only one request to all of you that we have invested too much time in this project and we are not asking you to donate us, its fully up to you. We only want one thing don’t mirror rom, Kang rom or please don’t give direct link of Rom to anyone that’s the only thing which we want from your side and we know you will follow this.

Special thanks to– @AbhirajS, Bishnu(@DareD3vil),@Nikesh001, @hridayhs,@haran2003,@Amarjeet @highwaystar,@EdvardoNoyer and whoever helped us to bring up Oreo, please forgive me if I forgot any name, message me personally and I will update the post with proper credits.

AospExtended redmi 4x rom

And I would like to thanks our all hardcore tester too, they are always ready to boom and notify each and every single bug of oreo builds, thank you guys, without you bugless oreo was not possible.

Thanks to – Potlapalli, Leo Messi, Yousef Algadri,manuraj Gowda, DucHai, Ashok, Mk Virus, Louise Lee, subh, suvam Das, Ayush Kakkar etc and sorry if a name is not in list forgive me for that.

if you want to search about hammock carabiner please visit- hammock carabiner


* Your warranty is/will be void.
* not answerable for bricked devices, dead sd cards while flashing AospExtended ROM Oreo
* Do some research if you’ve got any considerations regarding features included in this ROM
* Before flashing it! you’re selecting to create these modifications, and if
* You purpose the finger at Pine Tree State for messing up your device, I’ll mock you.

Read the whole POST! Be Respectful to each other and don’t ask for ETAs, it’s considered as being rude!

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AospExtended ROM Oreo For Redmi 4/4x(Santoni)8.1. By Ghost

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AospExtended rom redmi 4x | Santoni rom |

     About AospExtended rom redmi 4x

AOSP Extended ROM 8.1 is an AOSP primarily based rom that provides stock UI/UX with varied customisations options alongside the substratum theme engine. The project has been created by cherry-picking various commits from various alternative projects. Being supported AOSP it provides a sleek and lag-free expertise out of the box. We are going to constantly attempt to add a lot of options and create it even higher in future updates. A rom by a user, for a user.

#StayAOSP #ExtendYourDevice #BeExtended

     Whats New in 18 Aug Build

Merge August security patch (8.1.0_r43)

Update all packages

Update all translation

Update audioflinger

Update APNs

Add OP gestures

Add call recording

Add call statistics

Add per call account selection

Add camera key long press toggle ability (Device specific)

Add and improve LTE toggle tile

Add support for more modes in LTE toggle tile

Add custom rounded corner and padding preferences

Add more fonts in font engine

Add forced headsup for dialer

Add QS tile accent tint toggle

Add platform and RAM info to “Model and Hardware” dialogue

Revert back to stock recents icon size

Support executable shimming

Remove carrier text for disabled sim

Hide signal icons for disabled sim

Proper SSN implementation

Fix recents tile overlapping on icons

Fix share button lag

Fix black, opaque notification shade issue

Fix APN bearer settings (Add OK/Cancel option)

Fix lock clock size after rebooting

Fix notification sound crash

Fix few NPEs

UI/UX improvements

Performance improvement and bug fixes

     How To Flash Aosp Extend rom redmi 4x Rom 8.1

Everything is the same as Before same method apply for flashing on all Oreo Based ROM.

Step 1- Download Aosp Extend rom redmi 4x, Gapps (if you already downloaded than no need to download GApps again).

Step -2 Download firmware v40(UPDATED) –Click Here

Step -3 Now you are ready to go to TWRP (you can switch off phone then press all key together for TWRP).

Step -4 Now press Wipe – Advance wipe and select System, Dalvik, Cache, Data and swipe to wipe.

Step – 5 Flash firmware v40 if It is Necessary (if You are coming from N based Roms else no need to flash ).

Step -6 Flash ROM, Gapps by Selecting Install when it Shows Sucess than wipe Dalvik, cache again press reboot.

Step – 7 Wait now it will take some time to Boot into Aosp Extend rom redmi 4x, Enjoy !!

Your Xiaomi Redmi 4/4x Should boot into Latest Android Update Aosp Extend Oreo For Redmi4/4x (Android 8.1). If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below:)


You found any Bug report us on telegram

You will get all latest Info on this channel kindly join –


* Aosp Extend rom redmi 4x [SKsbss build] (18 Aug 2018 Build)- Click

* Aosp Extend rom redmi 4x [SKsbss build] (20 July 2018 Build)- Click me
* Aosp Extend v5.7 rom redmi 4x [SKsbss build] (09 July 2018 Build)- Click me
*Aosp Extend [Team Quantum] (11 June 2018 Build)-Click Here
*Ghost Build Aosp Extend (April 29, 2018 Build)Click Here
*Twrp Recovery for OreoClick here
*Gapps OfficialClick Me [Select arm64/8.1/nano, pico, stock, full your wish]


Source Code:
ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: stable

Created 2018-08-18
Last Updated 2018-08-18

contact to Our Team Member on Telegram – @DareD3vil @AbhirajS @Nikesh001 @Crazy_launda @AmarjeetVirk @irfanam @Mayank20 @MkVirus

website owner- @techgoal


  1. Please give the Download link for aosp extended.
    And in Nitrogen os I found a bug with battery icon when I connect the charger it’s not showing the Charing icon.

  2. This is the most awesome custom rom I have ever flashed on my redmi 4(16gb & 2gb Ram).. It is mostly stable..even this rom feel better than custom Roms based on nougat And Stock MIUI.. But I want to have very stable rom so here are some minor issues … I have faced on this rom till now..
    FM radio is not working in loud speaker mode and after switching back to headset mode does not work too…
    The Advance Power Options Such as boot into Recoveey
    and boot into bootloader are not working..
    The loud speaker volume decrease to very low when we use equaliser during music play (Please Increase Loud speaker sound for best music experience)
    Maybe Battery backup is not good in Stock kernel (I am using LH OREO kernel…with this rom..I am still obsorving Battery backup ..
    If u guys can add option to apply theme engine like LOS would be better..
    And One more thing The please improve Ram management … I am just getting 412 free ram .. Approximately 1.4gb of ram is used by default…

  3. Hi Ranjan,
    Thanks for bringing this awesome Rom to our lovely R4X.
    Just wanna ask, is the permission settings freeze bugs already fixed on the latest build?
    Thanks again.

    • yes you can flash it but clean flash recommended make your app+data backup through titanium backup so never fear about wiping data on any rom you can restore all app + data at 1 click

  4. I found 2 bugs,
    1. If dialer swipe down it don’t reject calls.
    2. When I called someone, there is no vibration option if call is received.

  5. Guys Please Fix Camera is not Working for me in Previous build and also Flash Light in Status Bar Please fix It..I am waiting For The Link.

  6. Hi Ranjan
    Waiting for 10 Feb link to publish
    And in the next build please get a moto display like feature.
    Thanks for this excellent ROM.
    Greets from your regular visitor and well wisher.

    • sir few people are reporting some bugs so we delayed the release and make rom again and make the final build now the tester are testing soon it will up,
      in my opinion, if I already know what bug is there and still i release that rom so it is not good naah I love Santoni as my buddy so how I can put buggy rom if tester report bug. so I hold the release and right now we finish rom and tester are testing right now

  7. Ranjan Bro Take Your Time I know Your Doing Really Important and Hard Job. I am really Appreciated Your All Hard Work and Your Team.

    • no, when you play music through the earphone and take screenshot than music automatically play through speaker too some time

      check it and inform us so we will remove it from bug list

  8. On 10 Feb build..
    Video recording not working on google camera…it gives an error “can’t connect to camera” …same issue in slow motion

  9. always failed to download from “” always get error “The page failed to include the DR_mirror_list!” please made another mirror. thanks.

    • build manifest is open in Alex Github chek there and as I know you have to edit and few other files to Run brunch and other commands

      • “edit and few other files” is exactly the point. This wouldn’t need to be done with a proper build manifest.

        Why are you keeping this a secret? This is open source after all and I’m sure AOSP Extended would like to benefit from your work.

        • Thanks for the nice info and very grateful to know that you have some knowledge about compiling. You are right at that point but that manifest you are talking about is only allowed in official builds and unofficial builds we have to make that changes manually.

          So before saying that we are keeping any secret watch out your words, these words are very powerful which can hurt or win the heart. If we have to keep secret then we will not Open Source the tree/vendor for other to make use of it. We are not here to tell people how to build your own rom from source while there are plenty of guides on internet for newbies as well as for experts so just a little stress to your mind and fingers to use them on your keyboard will avoid such confusion in furture.

    • No you can’t cause these rom are build from source without any modification with code, only OEM devices use odex apk’s like Samsung afaik.

  10. Abhiraj sir’s every ROM r awesome. Thanks to the team ghost for continues development of custom ROMs for Santoni. Feel like I’m using flagship phone.

  11. Really awesome update, works faster than ever, thanks for the hard work.
    I don’t know if it’s me but when I turn off screen if i press home or another button, the screen turns on.

  12. Dev .. please add into the kernel DT2W .. this whole rom (aex by ghost) is very good and battery saving, but only one missing is DT2W, .. the whole kernel is good but just add DT2W only !!!

  13. There is double menu entry for adaptive brightness and inactivity display. They are both in battery and display menu. Could you remove on one place?

  14. dev .. please add into the kernel DT2W .. this whole rom is very good and battery saving, but only one missing is DT2W, .. the whole kernel is good but just add DT2W only !!!

      • when I was charging my battery in miui stock, the maximum temperature was only 40°C,

        but when charging the battery in rom AEX 5.4 .. Temperature reaches 44°C !! with airplane mode, fastcharging at off(i Disablef on Kernel auditor) and phone is not used when charging

        *this makes the battery life short

      • this makes the battery life to be shorter … when every battery charger, the temperature is very high !!!!

        please fix this problem as soon as possible, i really like AEX 5.4

        thanks dev, we are waiting for next UPDATE (FIXED) ,,, from indonesia <3

  15. There is no camera icon in launcher. The app is in priv-app folder and can be opened from gallery but not from launcher. Can you fix this?

  16. Hi Ranjan. I need your little help here, Volte not working on my santoni in any custom ROM including AEX.
    I can’t figure out what’s wrong!

  17. Thank you for the effort. Very nice rom.
    Please can u tell how can I increase long press duration for hw button. i.e I want to set long press back button to kill app but want to increase time to 2sec

  18. SELinux is enforcing or permissive and can you please explain headset remap 3 buttons. I have mi in ear headset but volume up down doesn’t work in any custom rom. So does it work in this rom

  19. WTF team quantum is making all the ROMs laggy even aosp which is best ROM in terms of performance.When I play games like big hunter dream legur soccer and subway surfer the audio lags solve these problems otherwise handover the maintainense to team ghost.your priority is just the battery life

  20. WTF team quantum is making all the ROM laggy.aosp is one of the best ROM in terms of performance but you changed the kernel to perf kernel which lags a lot while gaming when I play games like big hunter dream league soccer and subway surfers it lags you priority is only the battery life change the kernel or handover the work to team ghost.Give me a suggestion for a good kernel or send me the link of the previous kernel(Linux) thats a good kernel


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