Hi Santoni user I’m your friend from Ghost team, as you recognize we have a tendency to area unit working laboriously on our device redmi 4/4x aka Santoni. a couple of days agone as I keep in mind everybody as well as ME conjointly pleased with our N, primarily based rom and not puzzling over  ROM 8.1. due to Team GHOST developers who create this doable for all.

Nitrogen OS UNOFFICIAL ROM Oreo8.1

nos 2 worldgiz rom 8.1

Special thanks to– @AbhirajS, Bishnu(@DareD3vil),@Nikesh001, @hridayhs,@haran2003,@highwaystar,@EdvardoNoyer and whoever helped us to bring up Oreo, please forgive me if I forgot any name, message me personally and I will update the post with proper credits.

And I would like to thanks our all hardcore tester too, they are always ready to boom and notify each and every single bug of oreo builds, thank you guys, without you bugless oreo was not possible.

Thanks to – Potlapalli, Leo Messi, Yousef Algadri,manuraj Gowda, DucHai, Ashok, Mk Virus, Louise Lee, subh, suvam Das, Ayush Kakkar etc and sorry if a name is not in list forgive me for that. I am happy to present you

 Nitrogen OS UNOFFICIAL ROM Oreo8.1 For Redmi 4/4x

we area unit attending to release more or less bugless oreo before long we’ll attempt to talk about most famous Roms for  Santoni device ASAP however we’ve got only 1 request to all or any of you that we’ve got invested an excessive amount of time during this project we tend to|and that we} don’t seem to be asking you to give Us, its totally up to you. we have a tendency to solely wish one issue don’t mirror ROM, Kang ROM or please don’t offer the direct link of rom to anyone that’s solely issue that we would like from your facet and that we grasp you’ll follow this.

we are reaching to release close to bugless oreo shortly we’ll attempt to name most famous Roms for our device ASAP.however we’ve got just one request to all or any of you Don’t Share the direct link our Kang our Rom.

Any kind for home cleaning visit – home cleaning


* Your guarantee is/will be void.
* worldgiz.net not in charge of bricked devices, dead sd cards whereas flashing
* do some analysis if you’ve got any issues relating to features enclosed during
 this ROM
* before flashing it! you’re choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you purpose the finger at conifer State for messing up your device,
 I’ll mock you.

Read the full POST! Be Respectful of every alternative and don’t arouse ETAs, it’s considered as being rude!

nos 2 worldgiz

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      About UNOFFICIAL Nitrogen OS  ROM 8.1

Nitrogen OS  ROM Based on  Aosp and full of customization along with best battery backup. we can promise and assure you. you are not going to miss the customization.in one word this rom is power packed .there are many things about this rom if we write and discuss everything then this post going to be 1000 words and we all know no one going to read whole so let’s flash and explore your self.


1. Prebuilt GCAM added
2. Fixed MTP
3. Enable ADB Debugging at boot
4. Enable VoLTE support for Airtel India and
   Vodafone India
5. Added call recording
6. August security patch
7.Battery drain issue fixed
8.and few more ,explore your self and inform us what bug you are facing in this rom

Xiaomi Redmi 4/4x Gets UNOFFICIAL Nitrogen OS ROM 8.1

      How To Flash

We recommend to take complete backup and proceed.

Step 1- Make Sure Your Device is rooted and you have the custom recovery installed in it.

step 2- Download firmware v41(UPDATED) –Click Here

Step 3- Now Download the ROM and Gapps File from the download section above. Save them to sd card Nitrogen OS  ROM ROM 8.1 For Redmi 4/4x.

Step 4- Boot your device into recovery mode.

Step 5- Now follow the guide to flash Nitrogen OS ROM 8.1 On Redmi 4/4x

Step 6- Wipe full (Dalvik, data, system, cache) and flash firmware v41(Only if needed else leave it)  after That Flash ROM

Step 7- After flashing the ROM, flash the Gapps (Similar way)

Step 8- Now clear cache and reboot your device. Done!!!

Your Xiaomi Redmi 4/4x Should boot into Nitrogen OS 8.1 ROM (Android 8.1). If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section down below:)


* UNOFFICIAL Latest Nitrogen ROM 8.1 (29 Aug 2018 Build)- Download

**This is final build no more NOS oreo Build, do you think why it’s unofficial? The answer is my friend Nikesh is no longer available to maintain NOS official right now due to some family issue so this NOS final build by our another good dev – sksbss. 

* OFFICIAL Latest Nitrogen ROM 8.1 (11 June 2018 Build)  Download

*Twrp Recovery for Oreo – Click here

*Gapps Official – Click Me [Select arm64/8.1/nano, pico, stock, full your wish]


Bugs are solved in this Nitrogen ROM 8.1 build still you found any Bug report us on telegram –  t.me/r4xofficial

OR Follow us for the latest update on Telegram – GhostSupport



Thanks to xyyx

ROM OS Version: 8.x Oreo
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: stable

Created 2018-08-29
Last Updated 2018-08-29

contact to Our developers  on Telegram – @DareD3vil @AbhirajS @Nikesh001 @Crazy_launda @AmarjeetVirk @irfanam @Mayank20 @MkVirus 

website owner- @tecgoal


  1. Found a bug: when talking on the phone, if you make the volume louder or quieter shows a bluetooth error (This is not critical, but I’m using mi band, and it’s a little uncomfortable)

  2. Bug- if I have selected sim 1 for net, then I am not able to call from sim 2.
    And using turbocharger, battery temperature went to 45 degree c.

    Ps- after selecting sim 2 for net I was able to call.

  3. Sorry I just reverted to miui developer room.
    One more strange thing that I observed was when I checked my phone configuration using cpu-z in this nitrogen os, my cpu was showing Qualcomm 430, and in miui developer room it’s showing the correct one i.e Qualcomm 435!!

    • But you still will be having 435 🙂 No need to worry.. If You think Software Implementations can change hardware, then youre wrong. Its a Bug in some CusROM… But can be neglected as not major.

  4. Thanks for your work. We have waiting for oreo rom and you make it.
    I am use nitrogen 8.1 and is stable with good daily batery
    Thanks again for this great rom for redmi 4x

  5. Hello dev,,
    please add more feature,, on personalization like battery icon,, enable/disable ram on recent, more custom speed network like in/outcoming only, hide arrow, or somthing else.

    • sir, every rom have unique identity some are based on pure stock and some are full customized I know you want a customized rom my suggestion is trying cardinal rom which is released yesterday it has all the thing which you want

  6. The first glitches of Nitrogen OS:
    1.When you press the “Extended Reload” button, “Restart in Recover” appears and nothing happens (in the beginning it worked)
    2. After installing Antutu, the menu hangs in the permissions settings, the system prompts you to wait or close the Settings application (but the permissions are set if you tap on the hung buttons)
    3. After the phone is rebooted, the Moscow time is set on the lock screen, even if I set the +5 time zone and if WhatsUp is installed, it immediately swears at the incorrect system time, but after 5 seconds the correct time is restored if the option “Date and time network “.
    So far, that’s it.
    Alas, without glitches again there was, wait for the update

  7. Dear developers hello, I hope the next update 1: to improve the telecommunications network connection,
    2:Optimize game fluency

  8. Flashed oreo TWRP, full wipe, flashed v30 firmware, then flash rom and gapps.
    The boot animation is going since 10 minutes. Is this normal?

  9. Hi,
    I want to make sure that I download the correct ROM for Xiaomi Redmi 4/4x .. the download link above (http://idsly.com/UjfuR) point to the file named in sourceforge :


    Is this the correct ROM ?
    Just want to make sure.


  10. there are any way to show the speed income internet only&memory bar like any other rom
    And thanks for it it’s amazing rom ❤

  11. I using NOS (8.1) now, and i face problem with pinkish color font in app (QuickPic, and Viper). And when i watching video or gif in potrait the top part of screen showing some old noise like on crt monitor. And now i wanna flash other oreo roms for daily use with optimal battery life backup. Can you give some recommendation?

  12. No doubt the rom is highly customized. But there are some bugs as I am mentioning below.
    1. After rebooting the phone it’s always showing wrong date and time. But automatic date and time in enabled.
    2. There are no options to ‘save files in memory card’ on camera or recorder and also on voice recorder.
    3. Battery power management could be better.
    4.Most serious problem is you can’t receive files using any wifi direct tool like ‘share it’, ‘xender’ or ‘Mi drop’ etc. But you can send files to anyone. But receiving files is failed evety time. Actually hotspot is not working properly. It’s working only for internet sharing but not for file transferring.

    Plz fix this problem. At least the last one is very serious. I want to draw the attention of the developers.

  13. Hello sir one bug i found in redmi 4x nitrogen os(13th february version)that on making call the other person was not able to hear me and the the voice was too low.also on switching to jio and on making calls through vodafone the call ended immediately.
    I would like you to please fix this bug.

  14. Thanks for the most stable ROM I’ve ever used.
    I wanna know if the OTA updater gets just “OTA updates” or “incremental OTA updates” like stock?

  15. So all the oreo rom you post here, except cosmic and lineage based rom have only show 3G signal instead of H+, while lineage based rom like cosmic shows H+, whats wrong? Could you fix that

  16. I can’t believe…
    This ROM Oreo Base are Perfect for Daily use and Gaming…
    I hope in future Update can be Official ROM

  17. Best ROM ever! Better than even Lineage!
    I want to know what is the minimum suitable CPU frequency as my kernel allows it to 200khz? (I never play games and just use normal daily apps).

  18. I cannot add my second coc account in parallel space
    Is there any solution ??
    It shows choose Google account and when I click it, it vanishes without opening Google account signup page

  19. All of your oreo roms i tested have a Headphone to Loudspeaker bug. Everytime i remove my earphone (JBL T110) and play music again through loudspeaker there is no sound output. I’m on the latest firmware v032. Can you fix it in the next update? Thanks 🙂 I’m using 2gb Redmi 4x BTW.

  20. There’s a bug in earphones too. After a notification through alarm output in the earphones, one side of the earphones stops working until I reinsert the earphones.

  21. Dear Ranjan, do you know how to disable double tap to sleep on home screen? I already disable double tap on lockscreen, but can’t find the setting to disable the one on home screen. I just wanna squeeze the battery life much more longer. thank you.

  22. Im wondering why didn’t i received this update in 13th feb nos build…its also official and got ota app… But no notification there….i got to know about this build after visiting worldgiz only … Ain’t the updater app supposed to show this build

  23. Very nice ROM! I only found some small bugs, Advance reboot not showing option you will redirected to recovery mode, fingerprint slowed, when you wake the phone from idle it says bluetooth stopped. Overall, great ROM!

  24. Hello Sir! What’s the main reason that these ROMs don’t provide battery backup like MIUI? Is that the Security app with root privileges?
    I even tried underclocking…. But still MIUI is better

  25. Hi, I found a bug. When the “pocket mode” is on, appears “sensor_idn” wakelock and the battery is drain very fast.

  26. hey rajan, I’m new in here.
    first of all I want to give a big thumbs up for you and whole team ghost for your awesome work.
    I want a change from my boring miui 9, and want to experience pure Android on my Redmi 4x.
    I would like to know about this ROM.
    1. is battery life okay in this
    2. camera2 api enabled?
    3. can I use net banking and google Tez without any issues?
    4.heating problem?
    5. why others are suggesting to use custom kernel?
    6. I wish, I got know more about your PE ROM

    please kindly reply..

    • yes each and every custom rom have good battery backup as reported by the user but to be frank don’t expect dramatically change in battery backup but in my opinion, the battery is better than miui because you have the freedom to change each and everything according to your wish to get the better battery backup
      2-in few rom its enable by default in few it’s not but that’s not a big matter you can enable it by just adding one line in build prop if you cant find we provide that line too if you ask
      3-yes u can use any banking apps like Kotak and Tez I am also using its main thing is avoid super su and xposed use Magisk you will not face any issue, xposed and Su break ROM cts profile that’s why issue created
      4-its depends on uses most of the time for eg if you put the phone in charging and doing heavy work device may heat, if you using any hard case than you also feel some heat due to no device heat observation
      5-a custom kernel is set to get the best battery backup,d2w, and some other commands that’s why people suggest the custom kernel
      6- yes Pe rom have no customization and its come with pre-install gapps it’s more near pure stock aosp you can try this Rom

      and thanks for supporting us, and thanks for your love and support for our team

  27. Great ROM from March. Very stable and much better then LOS. Only one issue, when opening sim toolkit google.phone process crashes. ( I have 2 simm’s). Did a clean install, using firmware 32 and global Redmi 4x.

    • yes most of the rom come with official source, in some of the rom xiaomi dozes create low battery backup that’s why removed, sorry for late reply

  28. I need help, I have tried all builds of NOS in my Redmi 4x,it works very fine. but when I was in your second last build suddenly google Tez stopped working, so upgraded to the latest build,but still Tez doesn’t seem to work even with magisk hide and safetynet fix flashed. please help

    • its not because NOS or any other ROM issue its Due to April security patch Google did some internal tweak in April security patch to detect root for Tez that’s why its not working i am also a Tez user and a redmi note 4 user too so i also face same issue try any may security patch build ROM or April security Patch ROM it working fine

  29. Sir slow charge in my phone I’m using nitrogen os April build with clarity kernel it is very unstable and I’m also using quick charge mod by parthu xda please help ranjan sir

  30. -Please make an option for dark drawer background in the next update since the dark display doesn’t affect the drawer. I’ve been longing for this. Thank you for the great ROM. Probably the best custom ROM for Redmi 4X.


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